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Υπέροχο φαγητό Mama’s Cooking!


Flavors Captured &
leave unforgettable memories


Σπιτικό φαγητό

Great trips in Greek
traditional dishes
and snacks


Τροφοδοσία Εκδηλώσεων

We handle catering services for small or large events


Εργαστήρια μαγειρικής

Learn the wonderful
Greek traditional

"Special" traditional kitchen
at cook rates

With a seasonal menu of fresh season vegetables, fresh produce and extra virgin olive oil

THE mama’s cooking is a catering company providing daily meals, event catering, hotels, children's parties, children's activities, and family dining and dining. We can feed small or large groups of visitors to your space or ours, with a capacity of 80 people.

Our goal is to provide food to those who do not want to cook daily, but want to taste fresh and well cooked food. So they cook every day homemade food with ingredients of fresh and seasonal vegetables, fresh meats and extra virgin olive oil.



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Event Catering.

Mama's Taper takes care of the buffet for small or large events.
  1. Trust us at your wedding or your child's christening, like any other family or family friendly event.
  2. We can cater for conferences, events etc. based on the quality of our ingredients and our professionalism, with a variety of delicious menus and affordable prices.
  3. Food can be in the form of traditional Greek food or served in the form of fingerfood.
  4. Vegetarian and toddler menus are also available.
Fresh seasonal vegetables, fresh meats and extra virgin olive oil are always used.

Cooking workshops.

Seeking to initiate the visitor to Greek, traditional cuisine, we make in our workshop, together, twisted pie and dumplings.
Then, honoring her Greek hospitality, we sit down at the table and dine, together, on the dishes we have made and other Greek dishes.
We support the Mediterranean diet, which since 2010 has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage.


Greek Mediterranean cuisine is a basic principle of our culture, contributing to the triptych Balance - Measure - Variety.


Extra: Make your own salad!

"Party" themed for children

H mama’s cooking διοργανώνει το πιο απίθανο και δημιουργικό θεματικό παιδικό πάρτι μόνο για σας!

You can make your child's birthday or any other children's event by combining a cooking workshop with fun.
Choosing his theme party, we create with our little friends, savory or sweet snacks.

Dream cooks

The Dream cooks is an action-creative workshop.

The purpose of these lessons is to instill in children the culture of healthy eating, to have fun through creation, and to enjoy delicious mama's taper flavors.


The cooking action takes 45 minutes. Children cook and cook 2 meals (one salty and one sweet).


Dreamcakes can be organized anywhere you wish, in day care centers, playgrounds, or during a children's party.


Children are transformed into chefs, dipping into dough, smells and textures of raw materials. The result is that through teamwork they practice their senses and skills like math.
Party Mama's Taper By The Sea & Oneiromageiremata (7)
Party Mama's Taper By The Sea & Oneiromageiremata (2)

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